Commercial & Receptionist Security Services

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Commercial & Receptionist Security Services

Lobby Concierge, Reception, and Access Control:

Your Security is Our Number One Priority

Lobby personnel is often the first point of contact between your commercial facility or high-rise building and the public. Whether providing strict access control, concierge services and information, or VIP reception, Artofk9SG’s fully-licensed, highly-trained, professional Security Officers will project the image that you desire.

Our Lobby Concierge, Reception, and Access Control Officers provide the following services:

  • Provide clear direction, information, and assistance to Firm visitors, contractors, contingent workers, and employees.
  • Establish a pleasant atmosphere and a sense of “welcome” to visitors.
  • Assist and direct emergency personnel entering the building on official business.
  • Assist building operations personnel during emergencies.
  • Operate and interpret X-Ray scanners for contraband and weapons. (option to include K9 sniffing service)
  • Maintain surveillance multiple entrances for suspicious persons and packages.
  • Maintain a presence at lobby turnstiles to discourage unauthorized access to the building.
  • Visually inspect access cards to verify that the authorized holder is the individual presenting the access card.
  • Complete working knowledge of the Firm’s in-house or commercial guest registration system.
  • Verify the identity of all visitors, contractors, contingent workers and consultants who do not have Firm ID prior to entrance to the building, issuing visitor and contractor badges.
  • Providing escort for terminated employees requiring access to office locations.
  • Maintain access and job verification for all contractors entering the building off-hours.
  • Control access to handicap gate and turnstiles.
  • Control and grant access to the lobby level freight door for all authorized personnel.
  • Control and dispatch security officers for all interior door-opening requests.
  • Prepare and issue building property pass for property removal in accordance with the facility’s Security Manual.

What people say?

I hired Art of K9 Security Group to monitor my construction site. The group was very professional and attentive to details. They did regular security checks and updated me with pictures. Great service for people going through construction. I hired them because a lot of tools and materials were stolen from my construction site. Overall great service.

Mike T.
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