Residential and Gated Communities

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Residential and Gated Communities

Statistics show most burglaries take place during daylight hours when no one is home between the works hours

Your home is the one place where you have control over who can come in or get close to your property. Protecting your home and family from criminal activity should be a high priority.  We here at Art of K9 SG offer many different residential security solutions to secure your home both day and night.  Art of K9 SG can customize a security plan for your residential security to meet your individual needs.  Art of K9 SG l is licensed and bonded and has been securing homes in California Art of K9 SG residential security is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at a cost-effective rate.  Residential security solutions are provided for homes, apartments, Home owner associations (HOA), Gated communities and Condos.

What people say?

I hired Art of K9 Security Group to monitor my construction site. The group was very professional and attentive to details. They did regular security checks and updated me with pictures. Great service for people going through construction. I hired them because a lot of tools and materials were stolen from my construction site. Overall great service.

Mike T.
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