Shopping Center and Mall Security Services

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Shopping Center and Mall Security Services

Shopping centers and malls have unique challenges that must be taken into consideration when designing an effective shopping center security strategy, which means you need a partner with experience providing retail security solutions.

Our Security Officers Put Your Customers’ Safety First

At Art of k9 Security Group Inc, every shopping center is different, and every shopping center security program should be customized as well we understand your unique security needs and have decades of experience providing highly skilled security officers to the mall and shopping center industry. Our shopping mall officers can:

  • Direct groups of juveniles
  • Work crowd control for special events
  • Help deter theft
  • Respond rapidly to active criminal incidents
  • Assist in medical emergencies
  • Find lost children
  • Patrol parking areas

Industry-Specific Training

Providing security for a retail center is different than handling the security for other types of environments.  Shopping center-specific training.

Disaster Response

Fire Safety Officer (FSO)

Terrorism Awareness

Defense Tactics

Management of Aggressive Behavior

CPR, AED and First Aid

CCTV and Command Center Operations

Workplace Violence Prevention and Response

Pepper Spray (OCAT) and Handcuffing (PATH) Training

Organized Retail Crime (ORC) Awareness/Prevention

The typical shopping center has many types of personnel working within one property, ranging from property managers, cleaning crews, customer service representatives and beyond. Training these people to become increasingly aware of the environment around them can go a long way in preventing unwanted incidents from occurring. Although threats to a shopping center are usually not severe, the more effort that can be placed on pre-incident stages, the more effective security will be in preventing major problems. Additionally, it’s important that these people are trained to take appropriate actions in higher-risk scenarios to ensure everyone’s safety.

A large amount of shopping center crime occurs in the parking lots. Typically, it is the owners and managers of these facilities that end up paying the price for inadequate security in these areas by seeing a rise in vandalism, lawsuits, trespassing and more. For these reasons, it is essential for companies to take parking lot security seriously. There are many things managers and owners can do to prevent crime in parking areas and take a proactive approach to boosting security.

K9 Dogs for Shopping Centers and Malls

Our k9 dogs support our security professionals when it comes to surveillance and crowd control. Plus, the dogs’ presence serves as a strong visible and psychological deterrent against bad behavior.

All of our security dogs and handlers are trained. Our dogs are German Shepherds trained in skills such as intruder detection, searching, patrolling and handler protection.

In order to ensure the continuation of excellent service, all of our dogs are constantly assessed, and training is given to both dogs and handlers by our own approved trainer.

The K9s give us an advantage over other security companies.

Canine patrols are a specialized security service and provide a complement to our ordinary guarding services. With a well-developed sense of hearing and smell, dogs can be used to heighten the senses of our security officers and serve as a useful tool. Our (k9) canine teams can offer efficient guarding, patrols and alarm response in large areas and other locations that are difficult to monitor.

Also, criminals tend to go the other way when they see our officer with a K9.

What people say?

I hired Art of K9 Security Group to monitor my construction site. The group was very professional and attentive to details. They did regular security checks and updated me with pictures. Great service for people going through construction. I hired them because a lot of tools and materials were stolen from my construction site. Overall great service.

Mike T.
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